Extends...Does Extends Work?

Extends Male Enhancement


Extends is a natural supplement from Biotab Nutraceuticals which contains its very own proprietary blend of natural herbal ingredients to deliver one of the best sexual enhancement solutions available anywhere. It works naturally to provide men with more pleasure, more performance and a stronger, longer lasting erection by providing the nutritional support men need to be better in bed.

Extends Male Enhancement

The natural blend of herbal ingredients in Extends support your circulatory and nervous systems and encourage your body to release its natural proactive hormones. It contains over 100% of the RDA of several different vitamins and minerals; itís a natural nutritional supplement which helps men to achieve optimal sexual health and itís easy to use Ė just take it every day like any other nutritional supplement!

Zinc is an important mineral nutrient which supports healthy testosterone levels. Getting more zinc can reverse the low testosterone levels and lagging libido which can be part of getting older. A low testosterone doesnít just reduce your ability to perform sexually; it also causes depression and fatigue. Extends contains zinc to keep your testosterone levels healthy for an increased sense of well being, more energy and better sexual performance.

Extends also contains DHEA, an important part of maintaining proper male sexual hormone levels and encourages your body to make just the right amounts of testosterone without the side effects that can come along with hormone supplements.

Extends produces the same erection enhancing effects as Viagra and other prescription medications, but does more and does it all naturally! Extends users enjoy stronger sex drives, larger and stronger erections and more sexual pleasure; so do their partners.

With regular use, the exacting formulation of herbs used in Extends can increase your penis size to its limit and give you more sexual energy and more energy to get through your day too! Itís all available at a low cost and without a prescription Ė and since itís made with natural ingredients which have been known to increase menís sexual capabilities for centuries, itís effective too! Extends increases penis size by stretching the areas of the penis which engorge during an erection to their limit, giving you harder, larger erections over only a couple of weeks. There are three different chambers in the penis where blood flows into during arousal and Extends helps increase the size of each of these chambers.

Unlike many other male enhancement pills, Extends has undergone rigorous laboratory testing to ensure safety and quality, so you never have to wonder just what youíre getting. With Extendsís blend of 17 herbs, minerals and amino acids, you can also be confident that when you take Extends, youíll get results.

Every man who wants to enhance his sexual performance, increase his stamina and enjoy a larger penis using safe, all natural ingredients needs to try Extends. Itís been tried and tested and has allowed millions of men to have the sex lives theyíve always wanted.

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