Do Extenze Pills Work?

Millions of guys all across the world struggle with a negative sexual self-image. Not being able to take pride in your sexuality is no good because it affects how you feel all day long, to say nothing of how well you're able to please your lover or how much pleasure you yourself feel in getting off. Of course taking care of yourself is still as important as ever, but no matter how many fresh veggies you munch or how often you go to the gym, not even Chuck Norris can sell you an exercise that makes your erection rock-hard everytime. But that's exactly what the herbal male sexual enhancement supplement called ExtenZe is capable of. It promotes real growth of the erect penis, in both length and girth. That's the sort of thing that gives a guy lasting sexual self-confidence, I'm sure you'll agree.

ExtenZe pills contain laboratory-standardized herbal extracts rich in tribistol, a chemical which has been scientifically demonstrated to increase levels of the so-called "lutenizing hormone" in males. In turn, this hormone has been linked to raising levels of testosterone in the male bloodstream. Tribistol has been used within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for hundreds of years, treating diverse performance-related issues such as lack of libido or insufficiently firm erections. Korean Ginseng, a naturally-occurring plant used in the making of ExtenZe, has been linked to increased sex drive in mammals. Real-world studies of ExtenZe bear this out. No matter how big you are to start with, not many men would turn down a product that delivered results like these - and as medical and scientific studies continually show, length and width make a real difference in both men's sexual performance and their lovers' enjoyment.

With its herbal extracts backed by centuries of traditional use and many studies performed by professional institutions, it nourishes the pelvic circulatory system to generate increased blood flow to the penis. Contrary to popular belief, your member isn't any kind of muscle. Rather, the stiffness of an erection is caused by blood engorging a series of spongy "honeycombed" areas in the penile shaft. Since it works partially by strengthening your arteries and veins in the genital region, it means that erections will be firmer and readier to occur on demand.

It's natural for you to be skeptical about a supplement that promises such a radical effect through something as minor as taking a little pill. We say just give it a shot - we're so convinced that ExtenZe pills are the real thing, we're offering the greatest money-back guarantee in the history of the performance-enhancement industry. If you don't feel the effects of ExtenZe are worth your money, just send the product back to us.

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