FastSize Extender™ Fast Size

How'd you like a longer, thicker penis, permanently? There are plenty of methods that promise a bigger erection size, but do nothing for your flaccid state. You probably thought your only option would be surgery, but you didn't want to take the risk of severe complications, not to mention the long recovery rate. Good thing you've found the secret to a permanently bigger member - Fast Size, a traction device that slowly stretches your penis, expanding the penis' shallow tissue

It sounds too good to be true - except it isn't. FastSize is 100% guaranteed to deliver a permanently bigger member, without any complications. Traction (penis stretching) is a widely accepted medical practice, and has been used for centuries, even millennia, before that. The penis' tissue, as its very gradually pulled, adjusts to its new dimensions. The tissue doesn't get misshapen, and there are no side effects, because skin tissue and the blood cells in the tissue not only rebuild but also multiply so that you're bigger than before.

Your length isn't the only increase you'll see - FastSize Extender extends your girth to a maximum of 25%. This happens because as the tissue expands in length and the blood cells multiply, they don't just expand in one direction, but across as well. Girth is the most important factor in pleasuring a woman, because of the cluster of nerves on the sides of the vaginal walls. The thicker you are the more friction, taking her to greater heights.

While we recommend wearing the FastSize device 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for best results, some of our customers choose to wear it for more or less - there's no right or wrong way. You can discontinue use when you reach your desired size, or even stop use and resume at a later date. You can still continue a normal sex life, because Fast Size in no way interferes with your sexual performance.

Most importantly, no one needs to know. It's comfortable under loose clothing so you can't tell you're wearing it, and there's no recovery time like with surgery. Your order arrives in a discreet brown paper package, and the product name doesn't appear on your credit card statement. We promise no one will be able to tell the difference, because it's all natural and all you.

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