Her Solution Gel™ Female Intimacy Formula

Her Solution Gel And Anorgasmia

HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel is a topical female sexual enhancement product which is made with some natural botanical ingredients to provide a lubricant which has a little something extra. It's safe to use and hypo-allergenic, so you can use it every time you have sex or just when you want a little extra excitement.

Vaginal dryness is a fairly common problem in women which can be caused by stress, fluctuating hormone levels or several other factors. Stress is an especially common cause of dryness and when the pressure of your career and your everyday life gets to you, it can be hard to get in the mood. Not that you don't want to be in the mood, but from time to time you might need some help to get back in the game. HerSolution Gel can help you to get into the mood and enjoy a more satisfying sex life.

It's easy to use: just put a little bit on the genital area and you'll start to feel the difference almost immediately. It gives you the moisture you need just like any other lubricant but with an important difference. HerSolution Gel also increases circulation to the genitals, increasing sensation and helping you create your own natural moisture. Many women also use the gel on their nipples and other sensitive areas to give themselves even greater sexual stimulation and pleasure.

HerSolution Gel is made from natural ingredients including herbal extracts and vitamins. It has a soothing, silky smooth texture which comes from shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe; it's also easy to wash off afterwards since it's water based and so it won't damage condoms. This topical female sexual enhancer starts to work immediately; but with regular use, you'll get even better results.

Before beginning hormone therapies to treat vaginal dryness or other female sexual health issues, give HerSolution Gel a try. Even if you already have a healthy and satisfying sex life, HerSolution can add to the excitement and once you try it, you may kick yourself for not having learned about this natural female sexual enhancer sooner!