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Male Enhancing

Wikipedia defines Human Enhancing as: "any attempt, whether temporary or permanent, to overcome the current limitations of the human body, whether through natural or artificial means."

As long as men have had penises (which is to say always), men have been in search of ways to improve on their natural endowments. For many men, their penis represents their masculinity and their size or lack of it has a serious effect on their self confidence. While men don’t talk about it with others too much, even men who are already fortunate enough to have above average endowments would usually like to give themselves just a little extra.

This desire for a larger penis is much more than simply a “what if?” for many men. A penis which a man feels is inadequate can harm his self-esteem, something which can undermine him in many different areas of his life, not just in the bedroom.

Men who suffer from impotence also experience a blow to their self confidence; being unable to achieve an erection and satisfy one’s partner can make a man feel like he is less than completely masculine.

However, there are some options available to men looking for a way to overcome impotence or increase the size of their penis. There are a great many natural male enhancing products on the market. While the vast majority of these products don’t perform as advertised, there are indeed some very effective male enhancers out there which can treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual stamina, enhance fertility, boost the libido and yes, even increase penis size!

The most effective of these natural male enhancing products are herbal supplement pills which contain herbal extracts and nutrients which provide the male reproductive system with the nutritional support it needs for optimal sexual performance. The ingredients in the best male enhancing pills work by encouraging the body to produce more testosterone, which naturally increases libido, as well as ingredients which can improve stamina and most importantly, promote better circulation – the essential factor in achieving and maintaining larger, harder erections.

There are also mechanical male enhancing products like penis stretchers. These devices are intended to enlarge the penis by gradual constant traction over the long term. These devices are comfortable enough to be work for extended periods and while the jury is very much still out on whether they really work, there are men who claim that these devices have made all the difference for them.

The male enhancing patch is the latest trend in the male enhancing market. These products provide the same ingredients as do the male enhancing supplement pills in the form of a transdermal patch which can be worn for two or three days at a time. It’s basically just a more convenient delivery system for the ingredients needed to provide natural male enhancing. Some men prefer the convenience of the patch, others prefer the pills – it’s entirely a matter of personal preference.

Men can also choose from other products such as topical creams which are applied directly to the penis before sex. These aren’t a permanent enhancing product like the supplement pills and patches, but can help couples to enjoy more satisfying sex through promoting better erections as well as heightened sexual pleasure. Men have a lot of different choices when it comes to increasing the size of their erections, overcoming sexual health issues and generally having a more enjoyable sex life – there’s no reason to simply accept what you have anymore; it’s now possible for you to have a more satisfying sex life and a more satisfied partner.