Maxoderm™ Erection Lotion

Men are most often firmest in the morning, waking up with so-called "morning wood" or morning boner. Why? Because a man's testosterone levels are highest in the morning, and steadily decrease throughout the day. As you get older your testosterone decreases at an alarming rate. This is why over time it's not often you get the type of hard erections you had when you were younger.

Stress is another reason why erections are firmer in the morning - on a Sunday morning, when you're in bed with your partner, it's easier to keep your mind away from the daily grind and obligations. By the time you go to bed at night you've got a day's worth of worry to contend with. Don't let stress get in the way of great sex- it affects your abillity to perform, because your mind's really elsewhere. Stress has two effects on your sex life - a low libido and weak erections, resulting in weak sensation and even weaker orgasms. That's why, when it cums to erection lotions, Maxoderm gets you back in order.

If you want the term "morning wood" to extend right through to "night wood," then try Maxoderm erection lotion, the instant male enhancement. It's a gel you apply directly to your penis, and with a quarter-sized amount you'll get a firm erection within 60 seconds. It's a great alternative to prescription penis medications, with no side effects and positive benefits to your body systems thanks to its list of natural ingredients. Best of all, your partner doesn't need to know you're getting a little help - because of its quick absorption rate, take a few moments to let it dry and the difference she'll notice is the length and girth of your penis.

A strong erection isn't just for her - you'll feel the difference as well, with enhanced sensitivity.

Because of diminished testosterone levels, a temporary dip in libido's more common than you'd think. Maxoderm gets you back on track with its long list of aphrodisiacs that have been used for thousands of years by cultures all over the world- ingredients whose effectiveness is also backed by clinical studies. Your desire for sex is sure to skyrocket, thanks to ingredients that promote testosterone production. Your confidence is going to go through the roof, because you'll be sure you have the goods to deliver without diminishing your pleasure. Recovery time varies from man to man. No matter how short yours is, it could still be better. Maxoderm erection cream greatly diminishes the time out you need to take between sessions, again thanks to improved blood flow.

Don't miss out - try Maxoderm today, and get "morning wood" any time of day.

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