NEXUS Pheromones™

It takes more than a winning smile and a great personality to get a woman to fall for you. Have you noticed that some of the most average of men seem to always surround themselves with beautiful women, regardless of money or personal appearance. No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get the same results. You may have chalked their success up to confidence or luck, but it's most likely pheromones at work.

Now you can get that same animal magnetism with Nexus Pheromones (a pure androstenone phermone concentrate). Scientists have studied for years how animals attract mates through phermones, the process of one organism transmitting signals to another, through a small sensory organ. It wasn't until recently that scientists discovered the vomeronasal organ, the same pheromone sensory organ, in the human nasal cavity. While undetectable by our sense of smell, pheromones send a signal to the brain that you're available and sexually potent, which she's hardwired to respond to. That's the nature of real body chemistry between two people. Scientists have published papers on this in The Scientist, Microscopy UK, and other reputable journals.

Because of the vomeronasal organ, you would think that a pheromone would already be at work. That isn't necessarily true, thanks to our modern grooming habits. You can't stop showering regularly or changing your clothes, because these habits contribute to attracting a mate - but these same processes also remove the pheromones that are the number one factor in attraction.

Nexus Pheromones is pure androstenone pheromone concentrate. Androstenone is a sex hormone, the very hormone that women are subconsciously drawn to. Nexus is double the strength of competitive phermone products, so that they more than replace the 90% of your own pheromones that you wash off or cover up with clothing. Because it's real androstenone, it's completely scentless and causes no skin irritation. Just spray it on, and watch how women seem drawn to you. Our customers report staggering results on the opposite sex, like:

  • 92% report increased eye contact
  • 81% report being approached by women
  • 68% report increase in dates and intercourse

There's no doubting Nexus Pheromones works with statistics like that. With this product your self-confidence will soar, because you'll know that all you needed was a little help to get and keep a woman's attention. You've got two months to try it risk-free. If Nexus Pheromones doesn't work like we know it will, all you have to do is send the product back for your money back. Who knows, maybe if the woman of your dreams falls for you won't need it anymore.

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