Omega Daily™ Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega Daily fish oil is your answer to pain relief caused by arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, but that's only the tip of the fish oil iceberg. Our fish oil is a nutritional supplement that makes sure you get your daily dose of the omega-3 fatty acid that can keep you mobile, and keep you healthy.

Osteoarthritis is an endless cycle of pain - the wearing away of cartilage between the joints, causing inflammation and pain. It can happen in the hands, the hips, the knees, and other parts of the body, making it difficult or in some cases nearly impossible to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. This is what 12% of Americans, or millions of individuals, have to live with everyday, not to mention those who suffer from other forms of the disease. They follow their doctor's advice of hot and cold therapy, getting light yet regular exercise, and acetaminophen. But what their doctors may not know about is Omega-3, the fatty acid that works miracles on your joints.

In a healthy person, when a joint is in pain the body sends compounds to relive the stress. Unfortunately arthritis only attacks these compounds as well, causing further inflammation and pain. Omega-3s protect you from further discomfort by blocking these supposed pain-relieving compounds, breaking the cycle once and for all.

The best way to prevent osteoarthritis in the first place is to follow many of the same guidelines as those who have the disease already. The key is to stay healthy, and fatty acids are part of that. But Omega-3 fish oil is not just for arthritis sufferers -- Doctors and medical researchers are finding new uses for Omega-3 fish oil all the time. The American Heart Association recommends adding fish oil to your diet for optimum cardiovascular health, thanks to its cholesterol-lowering effects. Ongoing research indicates that Omega-3's may be beneficial for lessening menstrual pains, improving asthma, helping burns heal faster, and improve or even prevent psychological disorders. While this research is not yet conclusive, it's clear that we've only hit the tip of the iceberg as far as this fish oil based nutrient goes.

Good sources of this essential fatty acid come primarily from certain kinds of seafood, but since not enough of us are eating a fish-heavy Mediterranean diet you probably aren't getting enough Omega-3s. You need a supplement like Omega Daily fish oil to get your daily dose of this nourishing fat. Our patented formula makes sure you get your daily dose, based on a concentrate of New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel. Because it's an all-natural dietary supplement that stays within the recommended dosage guidelines, there are no side effects and it doesn't interfere with your current medications. Ask your doctor to confirm the numerous benefits of Omega-3s, and order Omega Daily.

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