Penis Enlarement

Is Penis Enlarement Possible?

penis enlarement

Something you'll see on each and every Penis Enlarement website out there is the claim that their product and only theirs can give you a larger penis. Of course, they can't all be telling the truth, though you can hardly fault these people for trying - Penis Enlarement is a huge (if you'll forgive the pun) industry.

How can you find out which sites are simply after your wallet and which ones have a product which can really produce results for you? It can be tough to tell sometimes, though one thing you may want to look at are the Penis Enlarement photos featured on the site; usually in a "before and after" format.

It's not all that different than what you'd see on weight loss websites. They show two pictures of a penis - the before picture looking smaller than the after photo. They're trying to convince you that their product works with these photos.

But there is one problem here - the photographs are almost invariably of penises which are flaccid rather than erect. Why is this a problem? Because Penis Enlarement devices only enlarge the size of your erections; when the penis is flaccid, the difference is slight and may not even be noticeable.

Of course, there are a lot of these sites which wouldn't dare show photographs of erect penises, since this could cause them to run afoul of their webhosting terms of service - this could be construed as pornography. Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult to really judge whether or not the product is effective.

One thing which you can do is to look at these photos very closely. It can be hard to tell the difference from two pictures of a flaccid penis, but there is something which you should be looking for. Examine these photos closely to see if you can identify them as being of the same man; in many cases (just as with weight loss websites), the site will try to fool visitors by showing them two photographs showing entirely different men. Caveat emptor.

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