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If you've spent some time in Russia, Kazakhstan or any of the other former Soviet Republics, you've probably noticed that Russian culture differs from the culture of most western nations in a few significant ways. While it's by no means universally the case, the attitudes that women in these countries have towards gender relations is very different.

For example, there's the way that women dress. In the winter of course everyone bundles up; but in the warmer months, it's rare to see any younger women not decked out in high heels and miniskirts and generally looking quite fashionable. It brings to mind a saying that Russian women won't even leave the house to take out the trash without looking their best.

I eventually talked to some Russian men and women about this and what I found was this: Russian women want to look good because they want to be noticed by men. They want to be desired, to be complimented on their figures. Now in America, this is generally considered impolite except among close friends, though in the former Soviet Union, this is not only socially acceptable but even desirable behavior.

Russian women have their own ideas about how men should behave as well - and their physical qualities. Russian women are definitely of the "bigger is better" (Penis Enlargen) school of thought. They try to look their best; and in return they expect their men to be able to really deliver the goods in the bedroom.

When you look at it from a biological standpoint it's sensible enough. Women want to find men who are virile and can provide them with children, as well as providing for and protecting the family. To attract the best mate, she tries to be as alluring as possible so she can have her choice of the available men.

We are animals, after all - and there are biological imperatives towards reproduction which are hard coded into our DNA. We're programmed to seek out mates who we think give out genes the best chance of being passed along. It's that simple. Of course, that's not always how people select their mates, but it's undeniable that these traits are very much a part of us. A woman is looking for a man who can be a good provider and protector who is virile enough to give her children and men are looking for women who are able to bear their children and help care for them. At its core, it's a means of ensuring our genetic survival.

It's only natural that many women prefer a larger penis. It's a sign of virility and of course, most women say they prefer a bigger penis for the pleasure it provides as well. If you're worried that you don't quite measure up, don't be. There are safe, natural and effective ways to enlarge the penis. They vary from Penis Enlargen pills to mechanical devices to yet other means, but fear not - you too can achieve those larger erections which most women are looking for in their ideal mate.

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