Are The Days Of A Small Penis Over?


Having a small penis can cause a lot of problems in your life. It can leave your partner dissatisfied and cause problems in your relationships. A small penis can also lead to low self confidence, something which doesn't end at the bedroom door.

The average penis size is a little over five inches when erect, but of course this is the average. Many men have penises which are smaller or larger than this measurement. While the size of your penis doesn't necessarily make any difference to your sexual pleasure, it certainly does for your partner; most women say that they prefer a penis which is larger than average as opposed to average or smaller sized men.

Having a larger penis can be beneficial to your self confidence; again, this confidence carries over to the rest of your life. When you feel good about your sexual performance, you tend to feel good about yourself and this makes all of your interpersonal relationships better, not just romantic ones.

If you're average or less than average, you don't have to live with it. You can increase your penis size. There are plenty of different methods and many different products available; many of these products are ineffective, though there are some which genuinely work and produce some real and lasting results.

Surgical implants work, of course; though this is a somewhat drastic measure and is not without a certain amount of risk. There are PenisInlargement exercises, though these have very mixed results. Some men swear by these techniques, saying that they've helped them to achieve a larger penis. Others haven't been so lucky.

What works well for a much broader group of men is regular use of PenisInlargement pills. The best of these pills are made from all natural herbal ingredients which are effective and do not cause side effects.

However, there's more to being a talented lover than simply having a larger penis, though that never hurts. Your overall sexual health and performance is equally important. You may have a huge penis, but if you can't last long enough to satisfy your partner, it's not doing you much good. Similarly, if you're unable to achieve or maintain erections, your penis size also doesn't matter much. You should seek out a male enhancement solution which provides a full array of sexual health benefits, not just PenisInlargement.

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