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Performer 5

Comparing a penis enlargement product to a product that is being used by Porn Stars may do some disservice to the product! But with the concept of sexual satisfaction centering on the fact of how hard your penis is, and how intense your ejaculations are, Performer 5’s association with ejaculation is not too surprising!

After all, it is the ejaculation that works eventually. The better you ejaculate, the better you are in the bed. And that is where Performer 5 counts.

There are many pills that will tell you, “WE WILL DO THIS”, “WE WILL DO THAT”, but all of them necessarily beat around the bush. With Performer 5 clearly focusing on improving ejaculations and all necessary factors surrounding this aspect, here is a product that is clear in what it wants.

With 7 years of experience in this industry, the product has all proven ingredients which can help you do wonders to your ejaculation. The point of ejaculating well is being referred to, with some nonchalance, only because this is an aspect both you and your partner would need to enjoy while in the bed.

The quality of ejaculation definitely matters but what also counts is how much you ejaculate. Needless to say, with Performer 5, you can make a significant difference on both counts, as you can definitely help an improvement in the ejaculation capacity and ejaculation quality of your penis. Both these counts will help you propel into a better sex life.

Ingredients of Performer 5

Performer 5 works because of its ingredients and in saying so, this product is no magic wand. The ingredients present in Performer5 works to ensure that the product is a class act in what it does. And how well it delivers on the objective desired.

With Zinc Aspartate and 150 mg of Zinc Gluconate (Which works to 100% of the daily value), the potentially tested sex improvement herb, L-Arginine 500 mg, Muira Pauma of 300 mg, and 70% Ellagic Pomegranate, DL Malic Acid, L-Glycine, Dong Quai, and Beta Glucans, along with some other ingredients, you needn’t have asked more from Performer 5, at least in terms of the ingredients that are used to make up this product.

Why Performer 5?

Obviously this product helps increase the ejaculation, but that is probably something a lot of other products in this niche would also do, though not a lot of products are promoted claiming this fact.

Here are reasons why Performer 5 should be used by every individual who seeks a difference in his sex life:

• Every serving of Performer 5 could help in improving your ejaculation levels up by 1500 mg.
• Dual combination system impacting the fundamentals that result in improved ejaculations.
• The use of Pomegranate Ellagic acid, touted to be the natural Viagra, helps in boosting the sexual performance.
• Most importantly, every box of Performance 5, comes in 90 pills, as opposed to the conventional 30 and 60 promised by competing products.

Why is Performer 5 the best?

Needless to say, the Performer 5 is simply the best sex improvement product to have ever hit the shelves. Promising and delivering a quantum jump in the volume of the ejaculation and also helping with intense orgasms, this product hits the basic factors and has ingredients powerful enough to make a difference to what it claims.

Here is a product that doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to saying what it can deliver. It does and in the bargain, can be called one of the best sex improvement products around.

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