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ProExtender System™

ProExtender System is the key to permanently increasing the size of your penis without painful and expensive surgery. The ProExtender, a traction device developed by a certified urologist, slowly yet surely increases both the length and girth of your penis. This penis stretching device can be worn comfortably under your clothing, so that you can continue on with your daily routine without the process interfering. The results are up to you; the longer you wear the ProExtender stretcher the faster your penis will enlarge. When you reach your desired length or augmentation, simply discontinue use.

The Pro Extender System also includes a CD full of penis enlargement exercises, information and tips to increase your penis size, as well as one month's supply of both VigRX and Semenax, two herbal male enhancement supplements used by men around the world for stronger erections and better orgasms and to get a bigger penis.

Our ProExtender System Review

With the amount of credentials that back the ProExtender for penis stretching, a review is barely necessary. Used by 60 hospitals worldwide and developed by a doctor and improved since its inception in 1994, this device has been enough to divert many men from penile lengthening surgery. A surgery is unnecessary with a product like this. You can obtain a bigger penis naturally!

While some may look at the price tag and think it as slightly extravagant, keep in mind that this is not something you want to skimp on. An equivalent penis enlargement surgery, performed by only a small number of doctors because of the inherent risk, equals thousands of dollars while you can get the same penis lengthening results with ProExtender penis stretching devices. Roughly you'll see the results in the same amount of time as well, when you factor in the recovery period, which can take months.

VigRX and Semenax, included as part of the ProExtender System are top-shelf herbal supplements; you can find more information about both products here on our website. VigRX is routinely named the number one sexual enhancement product on the web, and it uses the most potent ingredients to deliver the firmest erections. Semenax enhances both semen quality and semen volume, so that you're at your most virile.

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