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Regrowing Hair With Profollica

While some men have embraced baldness by shaving their heads completely, even more resort to unsightly combovers or baseball caps that only draw attention to the condition, as well as their lack of self-esteem. And it's not only men who wish they could get their thick manes back, but millions of women as well. That's because one can't help associate hairloss with aging, making you look and feel decades older than your age.

As of today say no more baseball hats, no more combovers, and definitely no more plugs - Profollica is the easiest way to restore your self-confidence. Profollica is your solution for a full head of hair, and it's as easy as a shampoo, gel, and nutritional supplement capsule.

While some men begin losing their locks in middle age, others start to notice a thinning as early as their late teens. There are a number of reasons for hairloss, including an excess of vitamins A or D, certain medical treatments, as a side effect of some medications, or over treatment of hair such as styling or dyeing. The most common reason for hair loss though, is the hereditary condition known as Male Pattern Baldness. Men aren't the only ones who suffer from hair loss; that's why Profollica is designed for women in mind as well. Women lose their hair differently than men, usually confined to an overall thinness rather than losing patches.

Profollica's three-part system effectively treats any and all reasons responsible for keeping you from growing the full head of hair you deserve. Here's how each part works.

The first step in regrowing and stimulating regrowth is Profollica's daily shampoo, which builds into a rich creamy lather that keeps your follicles and scalp from drying out at the same time that it removes excess amounts of sebum. Sebum is the naturally occurring oils produced by the scalp; while healthy in small amounts, a build up of sebum blocks follicles, causing them to grow finer and finally stop. This is what most commonly happens in the case of those with an excess of vitamins A or D in their systems, as well as those who over style.

The next step is Profollica's activator gel, which targets DHT on the scalp. Male Pattern Baldness is most commonly what is known as the dome effect, starting with a receding hairline leading to a large bald patch in the middle of the head. It's caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone three times more potent than testosterone, attaching itself to the follicles. Excessive levels of DHT cause the hair to grow finer and finer, eventually halting growth altogether. The activator gel decreases DHT on the scalp so that your hair has the chance to grow. Simply use the activator gel as you would a leave-in conditioner, after you have shampooed. The gel is also encouraged for daily use.

The last step is a nutritional supplement, delivered in capsule form. This supplement is a botanical blend designed to increase blood flow to revitalize the scalp for new growth, as well as nourish your hair both new and old. We often don't get enough of the nutrients that will give us the healthy locks we so desire, and this supplement takes the guesswork out of dosage.

Profollica is so sure it will have the desired effect that guarantees your money back if you aren't satisfied with your results. So get ready to say goodbye to your hat collection and hello to a new, desirable you.

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