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Symptoms of Andropause

Aging is simply a fact of life; however, the process of aging affects some of us more than others. In some men, everything from their mental clarity to their libido may suffer as they grow old. Many of these men may in fact be suffering from andropause, which is a very common problem, although most men who are affected are unaware of its existence.

As the name suggests, it is a process which is analogous to menopause. Men tend to retain their reproductive capabilities much later into their lives than women, but both sexes go through a lot of changes as they age. However, menopause is something which happens to every woman while andropause is not a universal phenomenon. Men do however experience a decline in their testosterone production of roughly 10% every decade after reaching the age of thirty. Some men may never even notice the effects of this, while it makes an enormous difference to others.

Libido is probably the first thing you think of when testosterone is mentioned, but this hormone does far more than regulate the sex drive. In fact, your level of testosterone affects almost every part of your physical and mental health; it is no wonder why a drop in testosterone levels makes such a difference to many men.

The phenomenon of dropping testosterone levels in men as they age as been known for decades, but it was not until recently that physicians began to use a simple blood test to evaluate testosterone levels in patients. However, one thing which these tests do not determine is the bioavailability of this testo-sterone. As men age, their levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) increase. This protein binds to testosterone and estradiol, making them unavailable for their intended purpose.

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms, you might suffer from andropause:

Lack of energy
Decreased libido
Sexual dysfunction
Difficulty sleeping
Depression or anxiety
Excessive sweating
Weight gain
Hair loss

However, it is impotence or other sexual dysfunction which tends to make men sit up and take notice of the problems andropause can bring about. Many men use prescription medications to relieve this symptom, but do not do anything to address the root cause or treat any of the other symptoms of the condition. In severe cases, men may choose to start on hormone replacement therapies, but there are other ways to treat andropause. Instead of using hormone therapies, you can increase your testosterone levels through regular exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep habits.

You can also find some relief through Provacyl the low testosterone booster. This is a dietary supplement which boosts testosterone levels, using herbal extracts and nutrients to support male health. It is available without a prescription and no side effects have been reported. Ingredients include muira puama to boost libido and ginkgo to improve circulation and mental clarity. There are also six other herbal ingredients and LH (luteinizing hormone), which helps your body to produce bioavailable testosterone.