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How Semenax Increases Ejaculatory Volume And Improves Male Sexual Health

As long as human civilization has existed, men have given a lot of thought to their penises. Obviously, men have and continue to think about penis size, potency and stamina, but there is something else that is on the minds of many of these men: the orgasm. Not only the sensation of orgasm itself either – a lot of men consider the volume of seminal fluid they produce in an ejaculation to be almost as important as the orgasm itself.

The volume of ejaculate depends on diet, the general state of health, heredity, age and the frequency with which a man engages in sexual activity. But when should men worry about their ejaculatory volume? Basically, if there is a drastic decrease in volume, men may want to be examined to ensure that everything is working properly, since this can indicate a blockage of the vas deferens. This can be diagnosed using ultrasound. Other problems which can cause a reduction of ejaculatory volume include a prostate infection or retrograde ejaculation, both of which again will require a proper diagnosis by your physician.

For men who want to increase the volume of their ejaculations, there is a natural dietary supplement called Semenax which can resolve the issue. This supplement has been able to increase ejaculatory volume by as much as fivefold in many men as well as increasing sperm motility and health. Other than increasing the total volume of ejaculate, Semenax’s effects can increase sexual enjoyment; generally speaking, the higher the volume, the longer it takes to complete ejaculation; and the longer that orgasm lasts. The positive effects of Semenax on sperm health and motility also makes it easier for couples to conceive, something which many men have concerns about.

Increasing the volume of ejaculate produced can have a positive impact on a man’s confidence both in and out of the bedroom; the enhanced self assurance that comes from this feeling of increased sexual potency can impart a higher sense of self confidence in every area of their life.

Semenax is formulated to improve every aspect of male sexual health with natural, botanical ingredients which support the health of the entire male reproductive system. Produced in a cGMP certified pharmaceutical facility, Semenax includes ingredients like L-arginine, L-carnitine and L-lysine, amino acids which can encourage testosterone production and increase sperm health; epimedium sagittatim, maca, catuaba bark and vitamins and minerals which improve sexual health and prostate function.

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