Do Semans Volume Pills Work?


Whether they admit it or not, many men would take a lot of pride in being able to produce more semen when they ejaculate. Similarly, there are a lot of women who regard a large volume as a sign of virility in their partners and find the sight of their partners producing these larger volumes to be stimulating.

There are several factors which can lead to reduced semen production. These factors include:

* Smoking: smoking can cause a whole host of different health problems, from lung cancer and other respiratory disease to impotence (since smoking inhibits circulation). Smoking can also cause lower sperm count, damage sperm health and motility and even lead to male infertility.

* Poor diet: Your body, including your reproductive system needs to contain the balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which you need to maintain health. If you're not getting enough of the nutrients you need, your semen volume suffers as a result. You should make sure to get plenty of foods which are good sources of folic acid and zinc in particular. These include sunflower and pumpkin seeds, some dairy products, lean meats and seafood. Including these foods in your diet can increase your ejaculatory volume.

* Frequent sexual activity: If you're very sexually active, you may simply be ejaculating your semen quicker than your body can produce it. Laying off of sex for a couple of days can give your body enough time to recover and produce more semen for larger volumes.

Herbal Supplements

However, following the steps above may not be enough to improve semen volume by themselves. There are some supplements which can increase semen volume and provide users with other benefits for their sexual performance including increased erectile function, a higher sex drive and more stamina.

These supplements are called Semans volume pills and the best of them get results for men while causing no side effects. They're also available for purchase discreetly without a prescription.

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