Can Semenx Help Me?


In men, the moment of sexual climax occurs simultaneous to that of ejaculation – and in general, the longer it takes to complete ejaculation, the longer the duration of the orgasm. This means that the greater the volume of seminal fluid a man produces, the longer lasting his sexual pleasure. Semenx is a product which claims to be able to increase a man’s ejaculatory volume and thus the length of the user’s orgasms; the product is also purported to help increase male fertility by improving sperm health and increasing the production of sperm.

Created by nutritionists, Semenx is made from natural ingredients, including many herbals which have a long history of use in traditional medicine as remedies for male sexual health issues. Some of these ingredients include Epimedim Grandiflorum (better known as Horny Goat Weed) and Maca, a South American root vegetable which is reputed to enhance the libido. These are combined with many other ingredients which are formulated to increase male sexual performance and health by providing nutritional support to the reproductive system.

The ingredients in Semenx support the health of the testes, the prostate gland and every other part of the male reproductive system to increase the volume of seminal fluid produced, increase fertility and in some users, even enhance overall sexual performance.

According to the anecdotal evidence available, Semenx generally won’t increase the ejaculatory volume of men who are already in excellent health. However, for men with reduced seminal fluid production due to lifestyle factor or age, Semenx can help to restore proper reproductive function and allow users to regain their sexual health and performance as well as fertility.

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