Semenax™ Increases Semen Volume

Obtain Longer, Stronger Male Orgasms

A man's sperm quality and quantity is the true key to a man's sexual energy. Unfortunately there are so many factors working against him, from tight pants to a poor diet. Even staying healthy as its downsides, such as too vigorous exercise affecting sperm count. It can wear down on a man's self-esteem and his sexual pleasure. But now there's a solution that's completely side effect free, and it really delivers results. Increase your virility with Semenax, a daily supplement that improves the health of your semen. Semenax is great for men who:

  • Want to conceive
  • Want the strongest, longest-lasting orgasms of their life
  • Want to increase their load
  • Want milky-white sperm
  • Want ejaculate that shoots out
  • Want to overcome male infertility

It sounds too good to be true, but it's simple biology. The family man and the stud have this in common - semen, in both quality and quantity, affects all men, whether they want better orgasms or the ability to reproduce. Promoting sperm health, through a proprietary mix of botanicals and amino acids, gives you back the virility that day-to-day living has taken from you.

The strength of an orgasm is decided by how much semen (cum amount) your body has stored up - the more fluid there is means that the puboccocygeus muscles, or the PC muscles have to contract harder and longer to expel it all. Semenax can substantially increase your pleasure by increasing ejaculate load and the amount of cum released by upwards of a previously unimaginable 500%, so that your orgasms last and last with more power. Studies show that many men's peak of climax lasts 4 times longer, and almost double the duration. Because the contractions become remarkably strong, say goodbye to weak ejaculate power. No more embarrassingly weak squirts of cum - you'll have the power to shoot farther than before and ejaculate more semen.

Semenax can make you cum more and also make your cum thicker and milky-white, a sign that your sperm is healthy and robust. That's because Semenax really does improve sperm health, great for men who want to increase their sperm count. Studies show that amino acids like L-Arginine and L-Lysine increase sperm production and promote sperm motility, while botanicals Tribulus Terrestris and Zinc naturally increase testosterone. Semen appearance is also an important sign of vitality as well, and not just quantity. Some men's cum appears yellow-ish and thin, appearing sickly.

You and your partner will see results fast - for some men that's as little as a few days, others within two weeks. You'll see even greater performance at the six week mark, such as a 200% semen increase in ejaculate load, and it only gets better with continued use as the natural ingredients have time to build up in your body as you develop healthy sperm.

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