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Is Vigarex as effective of an ED treatment as Viagra?

Albion Medical, the makers of Vigarex Plus as well as other companies which make herbal erectile dysfunction remedies and male sexual enhancement products say that the herbal extracts which they use in their products are more than capable of successfully treating ED and other male sexual health issues. Since the ingredients are all natural, these supplements are safe to use with the only side effects being a more enjoyable sex life and a big boost in self confidence.

How does Vigarex Plus perform compared to Viagra?

Vigarex is the most popular herbal ED treatment and male sexual enhancer available today. There are many thousands of men all over the world who swear by the blend of potent herbal extracts contained in this supplement. Vigarex Plus has helped men to overcome erectile dysfunction, increase their sexual performance and provide other benefits for their sex lives. One of the new ingredients in Vigarex Plus (a reformulated and improved version of Albion Medical’s popular supplement) is Bioperine, an extract from black pepper which is thought to increase the body’s ability to absorb and use the other ingredients contained within.

Viagra and other prescription ED medications are effective; few if any experts would dispute this point. However, these drugs can cause some serious side effects and have harmful interactions with other medications, particularly medications for heart conditions. For this reason, these pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction treatments should be taken only under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

Another difference is that Viagra must be taken about an hour before the user expects to engage in sexual activity, while Vigarex Plus is a nutritional supplement which should be taken daily regardless of when the user is engaging in sex. However, it does take a few weeks to a month before the effects of Vigarex Plus become noticeable. Where the big difference really lies here though is in the duration of the effects the two types of pills provide. Viagra and the other prescription ED drugs provide only a temporary fix for impotence, whereas Vigarex Plus provides natural support for the male reproductive system whose effects are long lasting and continue long after the user ceases to take the supplement. While Viagra, Levitra and similar medications may provide quicker results, Vigarex Plus offers a natural alternative which provides safe, effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and improves male sexual health and performance all around at a lower cost and without the risk of side effects.

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