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With Vigor-rx....Does Size Matter?

It’s become socially acceptable to discuss penis size in public – what was unthinkable a few decades ago has now become commonplace. On TV, in films and in books, characters will talk about this characteristic, often in the form of female characters joking about their partner’s endowments.

You also see penis enlargement and male sexual enhancement products on the shelves of health food stores, pharmacies and even convenience stores, all beckoning men who are looking for a way to improve on their natural endowments. Of course, there are still many men who wonder if size really matters to women.

While most women do think that size matters to some extent, there are a few who don’t find it to be the be-all and end-all of male sexual performance, since the most sensitive areas of the female genitalia are near the vaginal opening and the most sensitive part of all, the clitoris is outside of it entirely. In general though, size does matter to women. If nothing else, being with a well-endowed partner does provide them with some bragging rights among their friends.

Similarly, many men want to have a larger penis for the same reason – bragging rights among their own friends (and especially, rivals). Men whose endowments are less than average often feel sexually insecure; these feelings of inadequacy can carry over to other parts of their lives and lead to low self esteem and reduced self confidence.

Because of this, there are many different products on the market aimed at helping men to enhance the size of their erections. There are pumps and other devices which offer a solution to some men, albeit a less than convenient one. There are even some men who go so far as to have surgery to increase the size of their penises – a drastic move, but it is an option for some.

However, most men prefer a much less invasive solution such as natural herbal supplements which provide the body with the nutritional support it needs to achieve its sexual potential. These supplements are safe to use and when formulated with the right ingredients in the right amounts, can be very effective as well.

One of the most popular of these herbal supplements is Vigor-RX Plus. This supplement has been able to help many thousands of men increase their sex drive as well as permanently increase the size and hardness of their erections. Most users start to see results within the first week or two of use, with the penis becoming noticeably larger when erect.

The truth is out – women really do prefer a larger penis; men who want to give their partners what they want may want to seek out natural supplements such as Vigor-RX Plus to increase their sexual performance and the size of their penis to provide themselves and their partners with the increased sexual enjoyment they’re looking for.

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