VigRX Penis Oil™ Benefits

Effective Penis and Erection Oil

By now you know it: some prescription erection pills can give you a hard-on. But if you wait for a prescription medication to kick in, chances are you'll miss the opportunity for great spur-of-the-moment sex. And what if you just have the occasional trouble maintaining an erection - think you'll still be eligible for those costly prescription medications? Have you heard about those prescription erection pills' many side effects? Don't lay your health on the table next to your wallet -- try VigRX Oil first. Your erection will be firm within one minute of application, without any of the risk.

VigRX Oil is a topical lotion, rubbed directly into the penis so it gets right to work while you get to bed. Since it appears like lube (and works like lube too - how's that for a fringe benefit?) your partner won't know the difference. Because of its quick absorption rate, the only noticeable difference will be that your erection suddenly grows rock-hard.

Besides improving your erection quality, VigRX Penis Oil also means superior sensitivity. Every touch and stroke will be magnified. Meanwhile, thanks to ingredients that prevent premature ejaculation, you'll maintain total control.

Catuaba Bark Extract (which improves sensory stimulation by stimulating the nervous system), Epimedium Leaf (a libido booster also known as "horny goat weed") and Ginkgo Biloba (which increases blood flow to the genitals, meaning maximum size) are just a few of VigRX Oil's premium ingredients. No dangerous chemicals - just nature working for you, boosting your sex drive and increasing your performance when you need a little help.

If your erection isn't firmer with just one application - in fact, if you're unsatisfied with your results in any way -- simply return the product within 2 months for a 100% refund, no questions asked. VigRX Erection Oil has worked for many men to enhance their sexual pleasure and how to stop premature ejaculation, and it's sure to do the same for yours.

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