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As a cause for concern, worry, anxiety and depression, penis size ranks close to the top for most men. While anxiety, fear and depression in men is decidedly more rare in men than women, it does strike and you may regularly find that the length of their unit has a lot to do with it.

Oddly enough, the medical community has mostly ignored this fact for decades, simply dismissing the issue as straightforward vanity and nothing more.

However, studies have concluded that there is a direct link between penis length, sexual health, sexual desire, virility and depression in men. That made quite a stir worldwide as the subject of penis length and penis girth was now at the forefront of the medical world and it was eventually being given the respect that it deserved and warranted.

However, that does not mean that anything was being done about it. With the advent of this new research came the idea that men are looking for tactics to get a quick fix and the scam artists started to come out in droves. This gave the entire industry a bad name as men all over the world were simply pouring money down a huge pit and getting nothing in return.

Strangely enough it took a REAL doctor to turn everything around. Once the doctors got into the penile enlargement industry everything started to go forward and shortly thereafter were a multitude of different products that would make the grade when it came to the penile enlargement that men (and women) in particular were seeking. Does this mean that all of the products were top shelf?

Not hardly. Even with the doctors in the game there were still tons of second rate products and where ever you turned there was another company or website saying that you could achieve overnight success with their product. It appeared the more lofty the claims, the higher the price. If a product was saying it could give results in a week, then it was three times as costly as the products that said you only needed a month.

Most companies are honest, forthright and sincere to help you solve your small wienie problem. Yet a few bad apples do give the industry and bad name. Thankfully there was some regulation in the market over time and companies are not allowed to make these sorts of claims unless they offer a bonafide refund. This has allowed more reliable and trustworthy suppliers to thrive.

One of the top rated/ranked penile enlargement patches is the ever present Vimax penis patch system. You may recognize the name as they are huge in the area of other penis enlargement systems, but for the purpose of this discussion we will be taking a look at the penis patch system that Vimax offers only.

The penile patch system as provided by Vimax is a marvel.

You are getting a directly to the blood stream delivery system that will engage the body to make sure that that the penis enlargement goals that you have set are met in the shortest period of time possible. They achieve this with a varied system of supplements of the herbal variety. As the supplements are being delivered by the transdermal patch, they're released right (directly) into the blood stream.

If you would choose the Vimax pills rather than the patch you would note that it would take much longer for you to reach your sexual enhancement goals. The reason being because the body must reach a fixed level of the supplements before they can start to work. With pills you are losing some of the level due to the guts, the liver included. The liver is understood to decrease the amount of effectiveness in most medications and herbal supplements.

With the Vimax penis patch system you are getting the sort of treatment that you need. The feedback we have received and our own research on reliable sources revealed most users were happy and satisfied with the final result. The vast majority of them had penile gains ranging from 1 to 3 inches permanently.

Vimax offers a complete and total 2 month (60 day) money back guarantee. If for whatever reason or basis you do not see the results you are looking for or perhaps you are not pleased with the product, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. In addition, free bonuses included with each order and ustomer support were excellent.

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vimax penis patch