Premature ejaculation is a common problem for many men -- in fact, it happens to more than 70% of men at one time or another. Vivaxa is a topical cream solution to address this issue. A quarter-sized dab massaged into the penis gives you the amazing stamina you've always wanted and leaves your partner satisfied. But unlike many other desensitizing creams, Vivaxa diminishes sensations only slightly so that you can regain control without leaving your member numb. Because your skin absorbs Vivaxa so quickly, the only difference your partner will notice is that you're lasting longer.

Our Vivaxa Review

Finally a practical solution for premature ejaculation, and it's in the easiest, most convenient form possible. It's not instantaneous like some other creams, which might puzzle some people at first. If you're looking for an immediate fix, this isn't the product for you. What Vivaxa offers over its competition is great results that really last, building up over time, much in the vein of herbal supplement capsules. There are other gels and creams out there that promise the same effects, but often they leave you feeling numb - and worse, they often numb your partner as well. Vivaxa is guaranteed against this.

It's obvious this product is made with top-notch ingredients, a great blend to let you enjoy greater sexual stamina while still giving you enough control to do things your way. Another advantage for Vivaxa -- since it's applied a few times a week to let the effects build up, it doesn't necessarily have to be put on right before sex with a partner. Masturbation allows the product to work just as well if you don't want her to know you're getting a little help. Overall, this is the best solution for men who are often concerned about their stamina and not just looking for a one-off deal or quick fix.

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