Vivaxa™: Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction for men. Chances are you've experienced the problem yourself at one time or another. It's often caused by nervousness, such as being with someone new - also, some men have over-sensitive glands at the head of the penis.

Common fixes have included stopping until you regain composure, or distracting yourself by thinking of something else -- like mentally spelling the word "protuberant" backwards. Neither solution is particularly enjoyable, but the alternative, coming too soon, embarrasses you and leaves your partner unsatisfied.

Now, there's a product that gives you the stamina she wants and the control you need, and she'll never know the difference. Vivaxa is a topical cream that's designed to only slightly diminish the erection's hypersensitivity while still preventing premature ejaculation. It absorbs quickly, taking only a few minutes to completely dry, and leaves no trace, so that your partner's sensation won't be diminished.

It's simple to use. Just rub a few drops on your penis four times in the first week, and from there you follow our easy-to-understand application schedule. Some products that promise similar results are meant to be used immediately before sex; while this may seem an advantage, they often work by numbing your member, leaving you little enjoyment and making it difficult to orgasm. Vivaxa, on the other, has a mild yet effective effect that builds up over time.

While some men notice a difference right away, for others it may take longer -- everyone has different metabolic rates. Results increase over time. You'll feel dramatic changes as early as 4 weeks, with the final effect occurring between the second and third month.

Vivaxa is the solution for any man who wants to finally combat the premature ejaculation that has plagued his sex life and lowered his self-esteem. Instead of telling her friends that you're a one-minute man, she'll be bragging about how long you can go.

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