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Our X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

The X4 Labs extender has proven to be the best non-surgical male enlargment method, and rightfully so. Not only does the X4 pennis extender boast stunning permanent results that are unparalled by other extenders, it is also the safest and most versatile, doctor approved penis extender in the industry, making it the number one choice for any man seeking penis enhancement.

We were lucky enough to get a hold of 10 free X4 labs penile extenders to carry out our six month trial. After six months we observed consistent results ranging from an increase of 28%-36% in length and 25-32% in girth. Our test subjects also experienced longer lasting erections and a better orgasm due to increased blood flow. The X4 Labs penal extender produced better results than any other penis extender in our six month trial. These amazing results can be credited to the X4 Labs unique no-slip comfort strap system and the strongest doctor-approved tension springs on the market.

The X4 Labs extender is the only extender that uses the quad support system to completely eliminate slippage, and when coupled with the X4 Labs high-end 2100 gram tension spring we saw the greatest results. The quad support system however is not just designed for optimal results, it also provides a wide range of support, making it the most versatile penis extender on the market. With the option of using two comfort straps, two silicone tubes, or a combination of the two, it allows for maximum support and comfort for any type of dick, allowing for use over extended periods of time. X4 Labs also offers a universal mini support piece for patients with a micro-penis. No matter the size of your penis X4 Labs is guaranteed to fit any penis without slippage.

The X4 Labs penal extender is cheaper and safer than surgical methods, yet it still produces huge permanent results. Doctors prescribe the X4 Labs penile extender to patients with Peyronies Disease to straighten their penis, and they often recommend the extender to patients recovering from surgery as it safely keeps the dick safe during recovery. The X4 Labs extender is FDA and CE certified, and recommended by doctors world-wide making it the safest penis extender on the market.

With prices ranging from 124.95 for the X4 starter edition, to 420.95 for the X4 gold premium, the X4 penis extender is a very practical and reliable penis enlargment method. Complete with phone support, lifetime guarantee and 6 month satisfaction guarantee, the X4 extender is the most sensible solution to penis enlargment today.

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