Zenrx – Made and Tested with Quality and Safety in Mind

In order to assure safety and consistent product quality, Zenrx is manufactured only in the US by one of the country’s leading nutraceutical producers. Zenrx is made in accordance with FDA regulations in certified facilities which follow the agency’s GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines.

All 21 of the FDA-mandated safety and quality assurance procedures are followed to the letter – something which many nutritional supplements and herbal medications don’t do since they are not legally required to do so. While it costs far more (about 80%) to produce Zenrx in the US according to FDA standards, it’s well worth the cost to ensure the consistently high quality of the product and the safety of Zenrx users.

Every ingredient used in Zenrx is carefully selected to provide users with the maximum beneficial effects for sexual health as well as overall health. Pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts are used to ensure the potency and consistency of dosage in each and every tablet.

Using herbs in their pure, raw state requires using far more – since the ratio of active ingredient to inert matter is much higher; and of course, the actual content of the active compounds can vary from plant to plant. This is why Zenrx is made using only pure, regularized and potent herbal extracts which are known to be safe and effective.

Zenrx is triple tested during the manufacturing process for safety, quality and consistency. It’s not required by law for an herbal supplement, but it is required to meet Zenrx’s own exacting standards.

Ingredients are tested upon arrival to ensure that they are accurately labeled, meet the requirements for purity and concentration and are free of contaminants or pathogens; these tests are performed before any ingredient is used in Zenrx.

After blending, a second test is performed to ensure that the mixture meets the standards of Zenrx’s quality and potency. Once finished, the tablets are tested again against the standards set for the product.

Unfortunately for the consumer, a lot of other herbal supplements aren’t tested at all, let alone triple tested. Not the ingredients or the finished product – it’s a leap of faith on the part of the manufacturer and certainly, on the consumer’s part. It’s truly stunning that any company would manufacture a product meant for human consumption this way, but unless you hear otherwise, assume that these products have not been tested. Always look for products which have been tested for safety and quality.

With Zenrx, you don’t have to worry – this is one herbal supplement which is tested every step of the way for efficacy and for the consumer’s safety.

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